Quentin cheering for Obama

Play time with Daddy!

My little girl sure has a good time playing with her brother and Daddy. She may look like this sweet little lady but she has no problem getting in there and wrestling around with them. She wants to do everything big brother is doing, if he leaves her line of sight she is not happy. I love watching their relationship develop right before my very eyes. I love that he is already protective of her and finds pride in helping her, yet he still finds her just a tad bit pestering at the same time. Quentin spent Friday night at my mom's house and at 11:30 at night he made my mom call us just so that he could say goodnight to us, and while we were talking he made sure to as about his little sister Chloe. He even knew that it was late and that she was sleeping, he told my mom that she was having sweet dreams already and that he couldn't talk to her. I went to sleep that night thinking of how sweet my little boy is and how blessed I am that even though he was having fun at Grandma's house he still of his family and wanted to say good night to them. It truly is the simple things.

Trick or Treat!

We took Mickey and Minnie out for a night on the town.

Pumpkin Patch 2008!

Here are just a few of our pictures from the pumpkin patch here by our house. We had such a good time and came home with a few (to many) pumpkins. We even put Chloe in one while we were carving them, super cute. Quentin thought we should give love to all the pumpkins, I wonder what he'll think the Christmas trees need?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I can't believe that it is October already, summer sure went by fast for us. We went to Lake Tahoe in August to see my little brother Rick get married. It was very beautiful, we are so happy for them. Rick is getting ready to go back to school and is working to become an officer. He is such an amazing, smart, driven MAN., I am so proud of him, he is going to make a wonderful husband.
We also went to California for my friend Jenny Mahaffys wedding. We spent five days in LA and after the wedding we took the kids to Disneyland. This was Quentin's second time there and Chloe's first. They loved it!!! We spent all day there, and I mean all day because we didn't leave the park until 1 in the morning. It was easy to do since we were staying at the Grand Californian Hotel. I don't know what we did right but we didn't have a single melt down from either kid, it was easier then taking them grocery shopping. :) It really is the happiest place on earth. it is so much fun taking them at this age. I know they say to take them when they are older and go on more of the rides but at this age we were able to ride plenty of rides and the best part was they weren't wanting everything. It wasn't about what I bought them, it was about just being there. Quentin wanted his picture taken with as many of his "friends" as we could find. We managed to find Mickey, Minnie, Tigger and Pooh and that make his day. I can't wait till our next visit there.
That sums up our summer and now we are getting ready for the holiday season. We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and had family pictures done there, so I will have some really nice family photos to post real soon. Along with pictures of them in their Mickey and Minnie costumes for Halloween. I say all this so that I will make sure I keep posting through the holidays ;) As for the little stuff going on, Chloe is already trying to walk! I know, she isn't even eight months old and she is so close to taking a step she can taste it. She wants to be doing everything big brother is doing it just drives her mad. They are such happy kids, Quentin loves her and she is just fascinated with him I don't know what I found entertaining before them. Jeff is working on his golf game now that we don't have any water polo to schedule around. The golf isn't going all that well but he sure is having fun and the kids and I are loving having him around more.


I am so sorry to all of those out there how keep checking out the blog to find that I haven't published anything new in quite some time now. Hats off to all you moms of multiple children who seem to find time to make blogging look easy.
Here is the most recent picture of me...the newly 30 year old me! Yes, it is true, I turned 30 this week and if you look closely I am smiling about it. I am truly excited about 30 and all that I have accomplished thus far and all that I have look forward in the next 30. To be happily married and blessed with two of the most beautiful children is more than I ever dreamed it would be. For those of you who know me, you know that I love birthdays. I think there are few things better in life than being able to celebrate a loved one came into this world, how life changes the moment it happens. Maybe I am exceptionally sappy about it this year because it is the big 3-0 but I believe it is because I have experienced the joy of having a child. Now I understand why my mother always made such a BIG deal about our birthdays and now I can only hope that my own children will say the same about me thirty years from now.
The kids are doing great! Quentin is doing great with Chloe and I just love to hear him say "little sister". I love watching them play together and to watch Quentin get so tickled over her little laugh. She watches him like a hawk and is already taking notes. She is already starting to teeth and can't wait to walk. I keep thinking that I will wake up tomorrow and she is going to be asking for the keys to the car. It sure goes faster with the second one. Q is still trying to master the potty like a big boy thing, but let me tell you the "pee-pee in the potty" dance makes it all a blast.
My wonderful husband retired this year from coaching Water Polo. He had an amazing time as head coach of the girls polo team of Bainbridge High for 9 years. It was hard to say goodbye, but everyone knows that he will still be there to cheer on the new coach and help in any way he can to help the program grow. Polo runs in his veins, it will never leave us completely. Now he has a little more free time to play with the kids and take up a new hobby...GOLF. ;)
So that's my nutty little life!